I See You!! ;D

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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wow. It's been two whole months since I last updated this blog. Because I was kind of bored, I decided to post something for you guys. ;)

A lot of things changed since September. For one, more songs are cramped inside of my head and uh, I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and I did my S.P.E. on October.

So yeah, I think I won't keep this blog. I'm so sorry I can't keep my promise but I think facebook is enough, no? Hehehe...

But I'm not deleting this. I just... won't update here. So, keep that in mind. (:


Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ampuan Wafiuddin Bin Ampuan Aminuddin kembali ke Rahmatullah pada 4HB September 2009, hari Jumaat.

Dia meninggalkan kita dengan meninggalkan senyuman yang lebar menandakan dia gembira di sisi Allah S.A.W.

We'll miss you, bro. I'll miss your advices and I'll miss your smirk. :')

KG 2 Tulip. Wafi's with the large songkok. :D(Back row, Second from the left)
Darjah 4 Tulip. Wafi's the third from the left on the back row.  :D

We'll miss you bro! :')

Aqilah MUAHS you. ;D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hey peeps. Just wanna inform you guys that I won't be updating here very often 'cause I'm moving to another TWILIGHT blog! Wuhuu, sampai jua hajat ku!

Anyway, I won't be giving the link here, if you wanna know, you can just ask me. But only if I'm nice that day. 0=)

Well, toodle-oo peeps! Have a great life. ;)

Aqilah Muahs you. ;D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Puasa yo!

Happy fasting people! Make sure to say your 'niat' every 'sahur'. ;)

Anyhooooo, I am actually thinking of making a blog for all the twilight gossip since this blog is boring. I'll update here once in a while but I'll concentrate on my 'twilight blog'. Haven't decided on it's name yet. Help?

Aqilah Muahs you. ;D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's FINALLY here!!!

I am


The trailer is too good. TOO good.

*dazed face.

*Falls on the floor.

Aqilah Muahs you. ;D

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hola to.. anyone who's reading this. Anywaay, I'm using dad's computer to update my blog. My laptop decided to be annoying this time. =.=

Well, nothing much happened yesterday apart from oh, I don't know, a surprise SPE Malay oral was held yesterday and oh yeah, my class got quarantined 'cause Amalina is H1N1 Positive.

Apart from that, nothing much happened.


Can't you guys see the SARCASM? A LOT happened yesterday. Hahaha. I'm so funny. LAME.

OK, so my class 8Science2 is quarantined for ONE WEEK! So we'll go to school on Tuesday next week. Lama kan? ;)

I'm actually impressed by my brother's blog which is pretty awesome if you ask me. I didn't know he had great English vocabulary 'till I read his blog. So visit here if you wanna read it. (:


Nah kan.. Kambang tia Babun 1. >.<

Aqilah Muahs you. ;D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm baaack~

Uhhh.. Hii... *cough*. I just wanna say, sorry for not updating this dusty old blog of mine. It's just that, I'm kind of sick people commenting my English. 

But then I thought, who cares? 'Cause I don't.

I do admit, I'm a bit of a hypocrite and a bit of an egoistic person, but nobody's perfect and I have my bad habits and so do you.

And if you guys want to know, I'm all talk. I don't actually hit someone, and my voice is not that loud but if I'm mad, everything that I say is padas.

Bah, my rant is over. :P

That's me. I mean, I easily get mad but 1 minute after that, I'll laugh. Like what they say, 
'capat marah, capat sajuk.'

Aqilah MUAHS you. ;D

P/S: I'll start updating my blog regularly now. :D I bet you guys are excited! ........... No? :(

Friday, July 17, 2009

There will be tears.

I LOVE this song. *sigh*. It's not full but it's so beautiful. I bet, if he didn't 'techno' his song, it will be much lawa. 'Cause he can sing dudes.

This is the piano version and it is as pretty as the original one. The pianist is really talented. Check him out on youtube. 

Aqilah MUAHS you. ;D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I love cupcakes.



Instructions: Put your favorite music player on shuffle (Party Shuffle on iTunes) and fill in the names of the songs in the order they show up. Or you could pick your own songs, but that’s not as much fun.

My friends see me as:
-Miss Independent. xD

My make-out song is:
-No Boundaries. 0.o

My day will be like:
-Bukan Superstar. xD

I’ll have a good day if I can just hear:
- Come on get higher. (Y)

Next time I’m in front of a crowd, I’ll say:
-We Made you. :D

My message to the world has always been:
-Apologize. LOL.

Somewhere in my wedding vows, I will include:
- I Must Be dreaming. (Y)

My best friend is like:
- Let's Dance. LOL!!!

My alter-ego is:
- Give it to me.

Right now, I feel:
- My Hump. HAHAHAHA.

My innermost desire is:
- Let's Get Loud! :D

What makes me happy is:
- We all roll along. (:

My birth was like:
-Fifteen. HAHA.

My theme song:
- Girls do what they want. (Y)(Y)(Y)

My deepest secret is:
- La La Land. Shhh. LOL.

If I reached the top of Mount Everest, what I would scream:

My favorite thing to do is:
- Break it off.

The story of my life is:
- Take A Bow. LOL!

At my funeral they’ll play:
- Ayah Dan Ibu. 0.o That FITS so Perfectly.*Sniff2*

When I’m drunk I say:
-Love story. 0.o

Behind my back, my friends think I’m:
-Ain't no sunshine. 0.o

If I got lost on a desert island, I would yell:
- Eat You Up. HAHAHAH!

When I’m in the shower, I sing:
-Just that girl. 0.o What a COINCIDENCE! LOL.

My love of life was inspired by the song:
- See You again~ LOL

Highschool was like:
- Mercy. Hhahaha.

My family is described by the song:
-Whatcha think about that. 0.o Haha.

How will you die?
- Way I are. 0.o

To cheer myself up I:
- Bounce. 0.o

Really played on shuffle. Coincidence? I KNOW! HAHAH!

Aqilah MUAHS you. ;D